Does HV Diagnostics offer training?

Yes! HV Diagnostics, Inc. offers NETA Accredited Training Services for VLF, Tan Delta, and Partial Discharge diagnostics using our world-class high voltage electrical test equipment.

Our training is a combination of both theory and practical. We have extensive application knowledge that extends well beyond our instruments. Students will learn how to correctly operate HV Diagnostics test equipment and properly setup our instruments to various electrical termination interfaces. We offer both in-person and online courses for VLF and Tan Delta training.

Due to its specialized nature, we only provide in-person training for Partial Discharge as part of a three-day intensive course that includes VLF / TD.

For more about on our Training Services and a peak into our state-of-the-art Training Center, click here!

 *Note to New Equipment Users: To provide the required level of professional support with HV Diagnostics test equipment, we strongly recommend new users complete our training course(s).  Incorrect use of equipment and/or testing application can lead to negative user experience, unsatisfactory results, incorrect data, and probable damage to the equipment.

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