With over 30 years of experience in cable testing, diagnostics and oil testing, we have become one of the industry leaders in these fields. While we do not compete against our customers in the field, there are many occasions when we are called on by our customers, to perform the actual testing for them.

We have fully equipped test vans and testing trailers as well as portable equipment that we can dispatch at relatively short notice.

Our expertise and capabilities include:
  • MV and Transmission Class Cable Fault Location
  • Cable Neutral Checks and Cable ID (Cable Identification)
  • MV and HV Transmission Cable Withstand Testing and Diagnostics (PD and TD)


We offer some of the best MV Cable testing training available. Our training programs have been approved by some of the national and international testing associations. Our many years of working in the field has allowed us to not only provide the theory, but also the practical aspects of testing in the field.

We offer training both at our office/laboratory as well as at the customers sites where we encourage hands-on training.

Contact us to learn more about our NETA Accredited Training options.

Repairs & Calibration

At HV Diagnostics we have always believed that any product worth selling, is also worth supporting. This may seem obvious, but many companies simply enjoy the short term profit of the sale and then distant themselves from the expense of supporting the product. For us this support firstly comes in the form of having an in depth knowledge of the product and its application(s). Our support team not only provides support for the product itself, but based on the wealth of experience we have in the field, we offer application specific support. Our involvement in research with entities such a EPRI and NEETRAC, in standard committees like IEEE and ASTM, in testing organizations like NETA, and our years of field experience, all mean that we offer the full breath of expertise that is unmatched in the industry.

It also comes in the form of providing efficient and cost effective repairs and calibration service for the equipment. This in-house capability is an essential part of our success. We offer NIST traceability for all calibrations where applicable.

Need a Repair or Calibration?

If you have a product in need of repair/calibration, please click here to login and click on RMA to initiate a RMA request. If you don't have an account, please signup for an account.

Cable Test Van / Trailers

We not only provide portable standalone equipment, but there are times when permanently installing  the equipment in a Test Van or Trailer makes a huge difference to the operation in the field.  This becomes more obviously apparent when dealing higher voltages as the equipment naturally gets  larger and heavier to lug around by hand. This allows the equipment to set up permanently to facilitate a more efficient and effortless connection to the equipment under test. It also puts less strain on the test technicians and on the equipment. Less mistakes are also likely in the hook up of the test equipment, as most of the connections are already made up and working.

We install and anchor the equipment as well as providing auxiliary services such as installing suitable inverters, battery banks, emergency lighting/strobes, safety interlocks, control desks, cable reels, lighting etc.

We can install both cable testing and cable fault location equipment into the van to produce complete professional cable testing rig

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