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Electrical insulation oils form the critical insulation medium for many of today’s electrical apparatus, such as transformers, tap-changers, circuit breakers, cables, bucket trucks etc.

When this critical insulation system becomes contaminated or degraded over time, the dielectric properties can be adversely affected causing a potential breakdown or flashover, often resulting in catastrophic consequences. By measuring the voltage withstand capability of just a small sample of the oil, the level of contamination and/or degradation of the liquid insulation can be established.

Standard features include: Bright Color LCD displays, Integrated Temperature measurement, Wireless Bluetooth communication, USB Memory stick test download, Direct PDF report generator, Integrated Printer, Battery and/or AC operation, and Scope Display of the AC breakdown.

All instruments come with the BA Control Center Software, all applicable and current international testing standard sequences (like ASTM and IEC ), a NIST traceable calibration sheet, operation manual, Bluetooth module, spare paper roll etc. Test Cells for the various testing standards are available upon request.

HV Diagnostics' fully automatic dielectric breakdown oil testers revolutionized the industry, both in the field and in the lab!

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