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Do you have short term requirements for our testing equipment? If purchasing equipment isn't practical for your business at this time, please consider the following Diagnostic Test Equipment Rental providers.

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IEEE PES T&D 2024 Conference & Exposition

Join us in Anaheim to discover how new approaches to modernizing and managing the grid will ensure reliability for individuals, businesses, and communities alike!

Every two years, the IEEE PES T&D Conference & Expo gathers together energy professionals to drive the future design & development of a reliable, resilient grid.

> Save the Date: May 7 - 9, 2024
> Anaheim Convention Center, CA

For more information and registration, visit

Latest News

Transmission Cable Testing 138kV - Mobile, AL, USA

Mission Success! Complete Diagnostics Testing with the HVA200 PD/TD

HVD recently conducted full cable diagnostics with the HVA200 PD/TD trailer system and... found no defects!

Now, this 115kV cable circuit can be safely energized with confidence, from generation station to transmission system.

For more details and technical information, click here for the HVA200 product page.

Another Cable Test Van Delivered!

HV Diagnostics is proud to announce the delivery of yet another test van complete with cable diagnostics testing equipment for 35KV and below cable test systems. This van was customized with testing equipment installed and anchored to make operations by technicians easy, reliable and safe. To learn more about our electrical cable testing vans click here.

Electricity Today

Check out our recent article published by Electricity Today in the Special Edition on HV Electrical Testing!

Cable Testing Comes of Age - One Cycle at a Time

"Field Testing of MV and HV cables has come a long way in recent decades. Gone are the days of old, when the traditional DC (Direct Voltage/Current) hipot was the recommended method for testing these modern cables that form the critical backbone of the distribution electrical power network. Extensive research, often rooted in the hard lessons learned through negative experiences in the field, has brought about changes to and improvements in the approaches and methods used when testing MV and HV cables. The traditional high voltage "DC Hipot" and/or the routine insulation resistance measurement may still be a viable and useful technique for testing various types of electrical apparatus. However, when it comes to shielded MV and HV cables..."  Read more here

Product Announcements

NEW 200kV - Model HVA200

The New 200kV !! Model HVA200 mounted conveniently on a mobile trailer. A very cost effective, fast and efficient setup to test your transmission class cables.

Available options include Tan Delta and / or Partial Discharge