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Tan Delta Diagnostics

The Tan Delta (TD) series of diagnostic test instruments was developed to help cable engineers evaluate the condition of their MV and HV cables. Tan Delta (TD), or Dissipation Factor, is an excellent diagnostic tool to evaluate both aged and new cables systems, particularly when evidence of moisture ingress into the cable is concerned. This can manifest itself as corrosion of the neutrals (also called concentric neutral corrosion) and/or tracking in splices, and as water tree degradation in cable insulation etc.

Learn more about Tan Delta Diagnostics here.

Partial Discharge Detection

What was once thought to be unachievable a mere twenty years ago, on-site Partial Discharge (PD) diagnostics in the field has developed significantly over the past decade. Partial Discharge detection used to be consigned to special test bays in factory and laboratory environments. With the advances in electronics and software, performing PD measurements in the field has now become a routine and important maintenance check of an electrical system.

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HV Diagnostics is one of the few companies in the world with the capability of performing an accurate and traceable Tan Delta calibration at VLF having developed a unique TD measurement reference system!

Need Software? Click here to download testing software for our Tan Delta Systems.

*NOTE FOR PD/TD SYSTEMS: Please contact us directly at +1 (678) 445-2555 regarding access to HVD Suite Software for PD Testing.

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