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From the outset, HV Diagnostics has been a pioneer in the development of a small, portable, single piece oil free VLF (Very Low Frequency) Hipot cable test instrument that would be reliable, user friendly and more technically advanced than anything available in the industry. The model HVA30 was developed more than 10 years ago, quickly becoming a game changer in the industry making it the most popular VLF/DC unit on the market - now upgraded to the HVA34!

From those humble beginnings, the HVA Series of combo VLF / DC high voltage test instruments have grown and strengthened, both in voltage and power capabilities, while still maintaining the same unique quality and performance. From the smallest, but still incredibly capable VLF unit on market - the HVA28TD - to one of the largest - the HVA200, we now offer a full spectrum of VLF / DC units covering a wide range of power and voltage requirements.

These instruments not only test MV (Medium Voltage) and Transmission class cables, they can also test vacuum bottles, cable jackets / sheaths, motors, generators, transformers etc!

A very accurate true RMS measurement system measures and records load capacitance, insulation resistance (Megohmmeter), current, frequency, voltage, breakdown voltage and test duration. The HVA series of VLF instruments form the building blocks for the available Tan Delta and Partial Discharge instruments.

The well-known HVA Control Center Software comes free of charge with all HVA test instruments. Firmware updates are also performed free of charge for the life of the instrument and all new instruments are delivered with a NIST traceable calibration certificate.

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