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Ever since electrical cables have been used to distribute electricity, electrical utilities have been faced with the potentially dangerous task of having to safely identify (ID) a cable, either at its ends or somewhere along its length.
Problem: Identify the Correct Cable - Solution: EZ-Cable ID System
The EZ-Cable ID® allows electrical testing personnel to accurately and effectively identify either one, two or three cables or cores anywhere along the length of the cable in one identification process.

The correct identification of a cable along its length is often required for various applications - including, but not limited to: the need to cut or "spike" cable to install a new transformer, switch/splice into an existing cable, or to identify the location of the phases in a cable(s) prior to spiking/cutting.

This cable identification and phasing test system can be used on de-energized and/or energized cables with the optional inductive clamps. The EZ-Cable ID  offers enhanced identification of energized cables, even those that are carrying high load currents that often cause other ID units on the market to malfunction.

The EZ-Cable ID can be used on LV, MV and Transmission class cables, Extruded insulated (XLPE/EPR/PVC) or PILC type cables from as little as a few feet / meters to many miles in length. Simple, point to point cables to complex network type cables with multiple branches can be identified. The instrument can identify one, two or three cables or cores in one identification process. Before cutting the cable, the operator can not only identify the correct cable, but also identify the phases under the jacket of the cable. The instrument will also measure and display any resultant 50/60 Hz current that may be present in the cable.

There is no need to repeatedly recalibrate after a single cable is identified with simultaneous single and multi-phase identification of both energized and de-energized circuits - all without having to remove any ground connections!
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