Customer Support

Rentals Available

Do you have short term requirements for our testing equipment? If purchasing equipment isn't practical for your business at this time, please consider the following Diagnostic Test Equipment Rental providers.

We can offer support in one of two ways:

Contact us by phone or email

This normally resolves most issues.

Remote Access

We can also remote access into your computer by following the steps below
NOTE: You will need to notify us by phone prior to performing this step

Step 1
Contact us by phone at the numbers listed below so that we can remotely access your workstation to allow us to troubleshoot an issue:
Step 2
Once we are on the phone, click on this picture below:
(opens in a new tab)
Step 3
Under "Customer Access, click on "Open Customer Page"
Step 4
Click on "Download Remote Support" and install the downloaded software
Step 5
Login into the system: