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Pure Sinusoidal VLF/DC Hipot with 200kV

Transmission Class Cable Testing Equipment

The HVA200 finally provides cable owners a cost-effective, practical solution for testing their transmission class cables in the field. Ideally suited for testing 138kV transmission cables to 1.7Uo.

The HVA200 provides AC test voltages up to 140kV RMS / 200kV Peak and DC up to +/- 200kV.

The unit is equally at home in the field and laboratory environments. It can be installed on a Trailer with retractable tarp that allows fast, easy and flexible test setup and tear down in a variety of field environments.

The HVA200 excellent withstand testing capability can be enhanced with the optional Tan Delta and Partial Discharge diagnostics interface providing the cable owner with a complete cable testing solution.


  • Cable Testing in compliance with IEEE400 and 400.2
  • Both AC VLF and DC plus and minus modes
  • Load Independent Pure Sinewave Voltage output
  • Accurate RMS metering of current and voltage
  • Continuous duty cycle
  • Trailer mountable with flexible and fast setup
  • Programmable automatic voltage test sequences
  • Automatic Frequency optimization from 0.01 to 0.1Hz
  • Voltage Waveform Display
  • Automatic discharging of load
  • Control and reporting software included
  • Remote HV Status indication and Emergency Off Kill Switch
  • Automatic Measurement of Load Resistance and Capacitance
  • Upgradeable to include Optional Partial Discharge and Tan Delta
  • Flashover voltage and short circuit detection

Features of the HVA200’s Optional PD and TD Interface:

  • PD Test done in accordance with IEC60270 and IEEE400.3
  • TD Test done in accordance with IEEE400.2
  • The PD and TD Section are integrated into the one system
  • Allows Accurate location and measurement of PD with phase resolved pattern, magnitude, mapping and intensity displayed
  • Fast and Efficient Reporting software interface
  • Industry leading TD measurement and reporting software – the standard in the industry!

Safety >>>

  • Integrated internal discharge of DUT
  • 12kV power frequency voltage feedback protection
  • Flashover voltage detection
  • Remote interlock “kill switch” and HV status indication
  • Short circuit detection
  • Local Emergency off button

Optional Accessories

  • PD200-2/TD - Contact Us directly for more information regarding this system.

Technical Specifications

Ordering Information
720 001
Output Voltage -VLF AC Sinusoidal -DC
0 - 200kVpeak / 140kVrms 0 - +/- 200kV
Output Current
Max. 140mA
Output Power
Output Frequency
0.01- 0.1Hz (Optimized)
Load Capacitance *
0.6μF at Max. Frequency & Max. Voltage.
Supply Voltage
3 Phase + Neutral 480V/380V AC (50/60Hz)
Supply Frequency
Supply Power
Output Mode
- AC (VLF) - DC(positive or negative polarity)
Communication Via
< 1900 lbs / < 900 kgs
Flexible Setup (approx)
Imperial (inches)
~ 170 x 90 x 48"
Metric (mm)
~ 4300 x 2300 x 1200 mm

-13°F to 158°F / -25°C to 70°C
14°F to 110°F / -10°C to +45°C
5% to 85% RH non-condensing

* Load Capacitance equate to length and for a typical transmission cable of say 50pF/ft or 150pF/m this equates to 12000ft or 4000m. Note also that at reduced frequencies and/or voltages these length capabilities increase even further.

Note: Due to continuous development, the information may change without notice.

Tan Delta
Partial Discharge